[petsc-dev] Scotch has metis.h file; bad design

Mathieu Faverge mathieu.faverge at labri.fr
Tue Jan 5 16:56:15 CST 2010

I forward to Francois Pellegrini.
We take a look on that problem tomorrow, but I think you can 
automatically remove the metis files from scotch in PETSc without 
problems. Scotch uses them only to provide to users the Metis and 
ParMetis interface with the libraries libscotchmetis.a and  
libscotchparmetis.a .


Barry Smith a écrit :
>    Scotch has a file called metis.h this is a big problem when 
> automatic installers are installing both ParMetis and Scotch since 
> automatic installers are not smart enough to read header file notes 
> and figure out exactly what file to delete. I would have reported this 
> as a bug to Scotch but their bug reporting webpage requires SETTING UP 
> AN ACCOUNT and I could not figure out an address for the Scotch people 
> to send them email.
>    I wasted a copy hours on this "bug" because things were being built 
> with the wrong metis.h that I didn't know about.
>    Perhaps the Scotch people could fix this annoying feature. 
> Complaining to you because I don't have someone else to complain to,
>    Thanks,
>     Barry

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