[petsc-dev] __SDIR__ as string or not

Barry Smith bsmith at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Feb 24 16:16:43 CST 2010

    Currently the macro variable __SDIR__ is defined in conf/variables  
with quotes around it, passed to the compiler as - 
D__SDIR__="directory" and then used in PETSc source code as a string.  
This works but is fragile to shells removing various quotes before  
passing to the compiler.

   Lisandro suggested changing the model to use -D__INSDIR__=directory  
with no quotes and then in petscerror.h have
#define PetscStringize(a) #a
#define __SDIR__ PetscStringize(__INSDIR__)

   Seems to work on my machine for C and C++ compilers so I am pushing  
to petsc-dev. Please report problems ASAP.


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