[petsc-dev] Symbol visibility

Jed Brown jed at 59A2.org
Mon Dec 6 11:53:41 CST 2010

I'm not convinced that removing the PETSCXXX_DLLEXPORT stuff was a good
thing.  Besides the obvious issues on Windows, it removes the ability to do
proper export control.  This is discussed at length in section 2.2:


but the tangible benefit is that distro packagers would be happier because
it allows more robust handling of dependencies.  I realize that it was
unused, but the "export" label has real meaning (even if only as
documentation at this point) in a library context.  Most internal functions
can (and should) be static, but there are a few that need more than file
scope, but still shouldn't be exported.

I understand that it's one more thing, and perhaps the simplicity is worth
it, but I wanted to point out that with those macros, we could have used
(gcc/clang/intel) -fvisibility=hidden and defined the macro to

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