[petsc-dev] Need help compiling on Windows (Cygwin)

Satish Balay balay at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Apr 23 23:23:17 CDT 2010

Will reply on petsc-maint.

Please do not switch back to petsc-dev for this issue.


On Sat, 24 Apr 2010, Olumide wrote:

> Here's the result of my latest attempt:
> ./configure --with-cc='win32fe cl' --with-fc=0 --download-c-blas-lapack=1
> --download-mpich=1 --with-clanguage=cxx
> Unfortunately, it didn't work. BTW, I'm using the Visual Studio command
> prompt, and cl works fine. I'd like to compile petsc for for linking with
> win32 libraries.

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