[petsc-dev] DESTDIR

Sean Farley sean at seanfarley.org
Fri Apr 23 11:31:54 CDT 2010

> One Issue [which might be mac specific] with DESTDIR is: 'make
> install' does 'make shared' at the dest dir.
> I'm assuming - one of the reasons for this is: .dylib on Macs hardcode
> some location info. If so - DESTDIR won't work on Mac [with
> sharedlibs?]. If not - there is no need to do 'make shared' during
> 'make install'? [Barry?]

Yes, this is a problem with .dylibs on the mac. As far as I know [someone
correct me if I'm wrong], there are two ways to 'fix' this:

1) Use the 'install_name_tool' to post-process the shared libs with the
correct path

2) Add the environment variable DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH or the safer but hardly

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