[petsc-dev] DESTDIR

Jed Brown jed at 59a2.org
Fri Apr 23 10:14:03 CDT 2010

On Fri, 23 Apr 2010 10:04:33 -0500, Dmitry Karpeev <karpeev at mcs.anl.gov> wrote:
> The users definitely have to decide in the end for themselves,
> but they also need to know how the libraries they are about to link against
> were compiled, I think.  I prefer to give the users more information and then
> let them decide whether to throw it out, rather than give them too little
> (I hate being in that position, I know that much).

I think we're agreeing, I just don't want them to have to parse a
returned command line to isolate parts that they would like separately.


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