[petsc-dev] names of TSTypes

Barry Smith bsmith at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Apr 16 22:00:56 CDT 2010

#define TSEULER           "euler"
#define TSBEULER          "beuler"
#define TSPSEUDO          "pseudo"
#define TSCRANK_NICHOLSON "crank-nicholson"
#define TSSUNDIALS        "sundials"
#define TSRUNGE_KUTTA     "runge-kutta"
#define TSPYTHON          "python"
#define TSTHETA           "theta"
#define TSGL              "gl"
#define TSSSP             "ssp"

   someone changed TSRK to TSRUNGE_KUTTA and TSCN to TSCRANK_NICHOLSON  
but then created a TSGL.

   What's up with this? How come GL gets an abbreviation but others  

   BTW: whoever changed TSRK didn't update the TSCreate_RK() etc with  
TSCreate_RUNGE_KUTTA() or change the manual page for TSRK

   What should we do? I like consistency. I'm happy with all short  
like TSGL and TSRK or all long, but I don't like some short and some  

   What say you?


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