[petsc-dev] Apple sadness

Sean Farley sean at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Apr 13 19:00:24 CDT 2010

>   Cool, thanks for figuring this out.

I still wasn't happy with this .dSYM business so I went ahead and since
apparently no one from MCS can answer this ;-) I went ahead and asked Jason
Molenda after finding this page:


"I understand why it was chosen to separate debug information from a release
but I am still unclear as to why there (or is there a way?) is no option for
*force* debug information into the executable? Furthermore, if I am creating
a shared/dynamic library and want to properly debug this in my test
application, is there any way to force debug symbols into the library? Or am
I forced to keep the .o's (or generate .dSYM) around?"

You're out of luck here.  We're trying to move to a model where the binary
> that the compiler emits is what goes out the door.  You still need to strip
> out the non-exported symbols today but maybe some day we can address that as
> well.  You can create a .dSYM bundle by running dsymutil on the executable
> while the .o files are still present on the computer and ship the .dSYM
> bundle along with the shared lib.  I know that's a hassle compared to just
> sending around a .dylib.

> The most common use case for our developers is that the debug info is not
> shipped out - most programs are distributed without any debug
> information/symbols; the dSYM and maybe the symbol-rich executable are kept
> in-house for debugging and analyzing crash reports from the field but that's
> it.

So, bottom line, there is no way to use shared/dynamic libraries that
contain debug information. Either use .dSYM / .o's or static libraries.
Jason and I had some more dialog about static libraries but since we don't
build PETSc universal nor distribute binaries, it's mostly irrelevant.

Hope this finally clears up the issue.

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