[petsc-dev] bug fixes etc go into PETSc 3.1

Barry Smith bsmith at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Apr 9 12:50:09 CDT 2010

   PETSc developers,

     Anyone fixing bugs in PETSc, fixing documentation etc when  
possible please make the fixes in the PETSc 3.1 repository ssh://petsc@petsc.cs.iit.edu//hg/petsc/petsc-release-3.1 
  instead of in PETSc-dev. Just keep a clone of the 3.1 repository  
around and then making the fixes in 3.1 is no more time consuming then  
in dev and every one will benefit.

     Of course, large changes and new development should always be  
done in petsc-dev.



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