[petsc-dev] PCASM: subdomains spanning multiple processes

Richard Tran Mills rmills at climate.ornl.gov
Mon Apr 5 23:15:44 CDT 2010

Hi Jed,

I had some interest in doing maybe 3 years ago and it didn't look that hard, 
but I didn't have the time or a pressing need.  (I don't know what the PCASM 
implementation looks like these days; haven't looked since then.)  I'm still 
interested in this.


Jed Brown wrote:
> Xiao-Chuan Cai asked about this today.  It seems to me that this would
> be possible without a huge amount of effort (building subcommunicators
> similar to PCRedundant), but it would take looking carefully at a fair
> amount of code.  Am I missing something that would make it especially
> hard?
> Jed

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