sbaij & hermitian mat-vec multiplication

Christos Kartsaklis christos.kartsaklis at
Fri Oct 30 05:00:38 CDT 2009

Hi guys. Following up on a previous user request, I've been looking at 
supporting hermitian mat-vec multiplication for the SBAIJ 
implementation. I haven't played with petsc before, so please forgive me 
for not understanding the internals. So, SBAIJ uses the transpose of the 
upper band where access to the lower band is needed. Am I right to 
believe that what is needed to be done is to have the SBAIJ data 
retriever (such as MatGetValues_MPISBAIJ) modified such that on 
sub-diagonal accesses the conjugate of the original values are returned 
instead (possibly by updating the contents of the "v" argument once 
filled in)?


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