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Jed Brown jed at
Wed Oct 28 16:37:05 CDT 2009

Barry Smith wrote:
>   We do do this for Mac (libpetsc*.dylib) and I think it mostly works.
> But I am not aware of anyone doing this intentionally for PETSc on Linux
> (though I think it is a good idea if it can be done).

It has been working for more than a year on Linux.  If you still have a
--with-shared build from last week, run

$ nm -D $PETSC_ARCH/lib/ |grep ML_  # I have over 800 symbols

I still have all the symbols from HYPRE, Sundials, MUMPS, etc.  Only ML
was broken in the last few days.

> On Oct 28, 2009, at 4:27 PM, Matthew Knepley wrote:
>> Wenever did this, and satill don't. We use -rpath, so that you can
>> track back to the associated shared library, if it exists.

Use of RPATH is orthogonal to this, --download-* builds static libs
which get bundled into libpetsc*.so.


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