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> Matthew Knepley wrote:
> > You always have to link the ML library if you configure for ML, right?
> No, all the third party libs used to be put into the PETSc shared libs
> (but not the static libs).  The easiest way to do this is with
> -Wl,--whole-archive though I haven't looked at the build system to see
> if this is how it is actually being done.  All the others still behave
> this way, but ML is no longer included.

Wenever did this, and satill don't. We use -rpath, so that you can track
back to
the associated shared library, if it exists.


> So if you are using shared libs, you only need to link libpetsc*.so.
> This is recommended practice with shared libs, you only explicitly link
> the interface libraries (those that your code actually calls into) and
> let the linker handle the dependencies.  Of course when using static
> libs, you need to explicitly link all the dependencies.
> Jed

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