DMComposite and VecGhost

Jed Brown jed at
Wed May 13 07:01:10 CDT 2009

This does not work correctly because the ghost values belong to a
different vector after VecPlaceArray.  A design that seems attractive is
to have the DMComposite vector use VecGhost with layout

  [field1_owned, field2_owned | field1_ghost, field2_ghost]

You could then update ghosts for all fields at once, effectively
hoisting the comm out of the loop in DMCompositeScatter and replacing
the global to local scatters for each component with a sequential
scatter from the local form of the composite vector to the local form of
each component vector.  For fields using VecGhost, this local scatter
just copies two contiguous blocks into the local rep, and with Array, it
is a single sequential copy.

I suspect that cutting down on comm by only having one parallel scatter
for all fields could be significant for large processor counts with
matrix-free methods.

This can be done in a way that is compatible with the current design
because DA global vecs have no ghost values so VecGhostUpdate on the
composite vector would be a no-op (but of course there would parallel
comm for each field in DAGlobalToLocal).  A modest API addition could
allow a purely local scatter from the DMComposite's local form to the DA
local vec.

Note that this design also permits a single-comm adjoint to
DMCompositeScatter.  DMCompositeGather is not it since it only updates
the owned portion, but in the FEM context elements usually only appear
on one process so we need an analogue of


Are there reasons this is a bad idea?  Would you prefer a different way
of using VecGhost with DMComposite?


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