pull config/BuildSystem and rerun config/configure.py

Barry Smith bsmith at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Jun 10 22:43:41 CDT 2009

    All petsc-dev users. Next time you pull petsc-dev make sure you  
pull config/BuildSystem also and rerun your configure with $ 
As always, report any problems to petsc-dev at mcs.anl.gov


What I changed. I discovered the ar flags Sq that are much faster than  
our current use of r. For my laptop these are the timings for "make  
all" debug version

                 regular libraries           --with-single-library(new  
config/configure.py option to put all code into libpetsc.a (not yet  
working for shared libraries)).

old           9 min 23 sec                    28 min
new         2 min 49 sec                      2 min 58 sec

What I changed: added the flag FAST_AR_FLAGS that is used by libfast:  
instead of AR_FLAGS; also added fast versions of buildmod called  
buildmodfast that use libffast that uses FAST_AR_FLAGS

Once we get rid of the damn make we should see the entire "make all"  
take less than a minute

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