pisses me off to no end

Wed Jun 10 16:43:24 CDT 2009

Using C/C++ compiler: /Users/barrysmith/Src/petsc-dev/arch-gnu/bin/ 
mpicc -Wall -Wwrite-strings -Wno-strict-aliasing -g3
C/C++ Compiler version:
Using Fortran compiler: /Users/barrysmith/Src/petsc-dev/arch-gnu/bin/ 
mpif90 -Wall -Wno-unused-variable -g
Fortran Compiler version:
Using C/C++ linker: /Users/barrysmith/Src/petsc-dev/arch-gnu/bin/mpicc
Using Fortran linker: /Users/barrysmith/Src/petsc-dev/arch-gnu/bin/ 

   This is the most useless piece of shit information I have seen in  
my entire life! It tells me NOTHING about what compiler is being used.
I want the mpicc -show and mpif90 -show to be printed in make.log if  
an MPI compiler is being used! How can we figure out what is going
on when we don't even know what compiler is being used?

   Plus NO information about the linker options that are used are put  
into make.log!! That information needs to go in there also.

   Debugging failed builds for other people is painful enough but when  
we shoot ourselves in the foot by not putting the information we need  
in the log files we make it ten times worse.

   Please fix this.


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