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Wed Jun 10 11:40:48 CDT 2009

On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 11:33 AM, Jed Brown <jed at 59a2.org> wrote:

> Barry Smith wrote:
> >
> >    Go ahead. This has been on the todo list for a decade.
> I see two ways to do it.  One is to define a PCOperation enum and have
> PCShellSetOperation (analogous to MatShell), the other is to just update
> the current interface for void* -> PC.  The former results in less code
> (though more changes today), but the latter offers stronger type
> checking and is not outrageously bloated because the PC interface is
> pretty small.  What is your preference?

I like the latter.  I never liked the enums, but Mat has so many operations.


> >    Remember to update dev.html with the change and change any examples
> > that use PCShell.
> >
> >    Note you have to update the Fortran stubs for these beasts (some of
> > the uglier stuff in PETSc.)
> Yep.
> Jed

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