When was the last time MatScalar was supported?

Jed Brown jed at 59A2.org
Mon Jun 8 06:15:42 CDT 2009

Thanks Barry,

Barry Smith wrote:
>     It never worked in general. It was done originally and worked for
> BAIJ matrices with block size 4 to run PETSc-fun3d fast that is all it
> worked for.

Sure enough, I was wondering why that's the only place I read about it
being used.

>     I think it is much harder to get working completely then you think.
> It is more than just changing a few PetscScalar in the code to
> MatScalar, there are I think lots of situations where copies of stuff
> (with proper casting) have to be made to be passed in.

I noticed that a lot of copying would be required, but not in the public
interface.  I guess it looked like internal wrappers to MatSetValues and
a couple variants would handle most of these cases, but I believe that
it would end up being a lot of work.  I wonder how often it would be
used if it was fully supported.  Probably not enough to be a priority.


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