[Facets-devel] PETSC ERROR

Satish Balay balay at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Jun 4 15:37:29 CDT 2009


Should we make optfile in PetscIntialize(optfile) optional?

Current code is:

PetscIntialize("file") -> PetscOptionsInsert(optfile) ->

i.e it gives error if the "optfile" is not found.

Should the code be changed to use:

Alternatives would be to expose the flag - a bit higher [i.e use
PetscOptionsInsert(file,flg)] or expose it further up to
PetscIntialize(optfile,flg). But changing PetscIntialize() might not
be desireable.

I'm inclined to use:
PetscIntialize("file") -> PetscOptionsInsert(optfile,PETSC_FALSE) ->


On Thu, 4 Jun 2009, John R. Cary wrote:

> In the UEDGE tests we get
> oxygen.cary$ grep PETSC */*.out | grep petscopt
> setup/alloc-cxxpy.out:[0]PETSC ERROR: Unable to open Options File petscopt!
> tokgeo_HffCnog_ss/tokHffCnog-cxxpy.out:[0]PETSC ERROR: Unable to open 
> Options File petscopt!
> tokgeo_HmsCnog_ss/tokHmsCnog-cxxpy.out:[0]PETSC ERROR: Unable to open 
> Options File petscopt!
> tokgeo_H/tokHsm-cxxpy.out:[0]PETSC ERROR: Unable to open Options File 
> petscopt!
> Is this really an error?  The code seems to run fine, but those error
> messages would be disconcerting to a user.
> John
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