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Wed Dec 16 21:05:52 CST 2009

> Are you saying the np 2 is on 2 different machines - and same with
> np4,8?

It really depends on how I run the parallel tasks.

If I run local to a machine, rather, outside of the SGE, then
"-np 2" is two processes on a single machine.

If I run by submitting into our SGE grid, rather, the part of it
currently set up with a parallel environment, then it is two
processes on two different machines, neither of which will be
the "local machine" from the above case.

You'll recall I ventured the information that OpenMPI was compiled
so as to be aware of SGE.

OpenMPI "knows" it is running within SGE.

But anyway, don't try and debug OpenMPI for me.

I'll carry on with that myself and get back the PETSc list if I
can get PETSc to fail in a different way as a result of any OpenMPI

Hopefuly, of course, it won't fail because I'll unearth problems with

There are a couple of things I want to try with regard to the NetBSD
port of OpenMPI, actually things that I had meant to tidy up in the
wake of the developments on that NetBSD port over the last few weeks.

I do not actually think they affect this issue but you never know
and if I remove them from the equation, then they certainly can't.

Thanks for the PETSc insight,

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