eliminating a cause of my recent rant and argument with Matt

Satish Balay balay at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Dec 15 15:30:18 CST 2009

Wrt batch mode, the relavent PETSc configure flags are:


wrt autoconf - I think these [sizeof stuff] are just shell
variables. The last time I tried doing something equivalnet to
--with-batch - I just set these variables on the command line.

./configure ac_cv_sizeof_long_int=8 ac_cv_sizeof_int=4

etc.. So perhaps the current sizeof_char type options already mimic
autoconf. But if we are using --known-sizeofint=8 type flags - thats
also fine.

The other odd flags are --with-memcmp-ok and --have-mpi-long-double=1


On Tue, 15 Dec 2009, Barry Smith wrote:

>   I think a root of the miscommunication between Matt and I with regard to
> --with-mpi-shared is that --with is used for TWO different reasons
> 1) --with-mpi=0 --with-x=1 etc are used to indicate we want to turn off/on a
> package. In other words they are COMMANDS to BuildSystem
> 2) --with-mpi-shared=1, --with-sizeofint=8 tells BuildSystems FACTS that it
> would normally be figured out by BuildSystem. Usually they are provided on the
> command line because ./configure cannot run compiled programs (using
> --with-batch for example).
>   I suggest we can the syntax for 2) and consistently use --known-mpi-shared
> --known-sizeofint=8 etc everywhere in help and BuildSystem. It makes things
> much clearer and can prevent loads of confusion.
>   This is likely not compatible with how autoconf does things. Do they have a
> similar split and different names? Is there anything we can copy from their
> approach? Do we care?
>   What do others think?
>   Barry

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