VecLoadIntoVector and double dispatch

Jed Brown jed at
Thu Dec 3 14:29:39 CST 2009

Thanks for the explanation.

On Thu, 3 Dec 2009 13:48:21 -0600, Barry Smith <bsmith at> wrote:
>     This is wrong. What about a binary viewer method for the PETSc Vec  
> class implemented in SAMRAI? This definitely cannot rely on  
> VecGetArray() and belongs with the Vec class not the viewer classes  
> (which know nothing about SAMRAI even existing.

I don't know what is in SAMRAI's Vec, but how about my HDF5 viewer that
encodes information about the DM?  The Vec doesn't know anything about
my viewer existing.  Once we have more than one implementation of Viewer
and more than one of Vec, no asymmetric solution can be perfect.  I can
live with static dispatch or other hacks for now.


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