now impossible to debug code that uses PETSc shared libraries?

Barry Smith bsmith at
Thu May 1 08:57:32 CDT 2008

   It seems to now be impossible to debug in code that uses PETSc  
shared libraries

	        fi; \
	        if [ "$$flag" != "" ]; then \
                 echo "building $$LIBNAME.${SL_LINKER_SUFFIX}"; \
                   ${RM} -f ${INSTALL_LIB_DIR}/tmp-petsc-shlib/*; \
	          cd  ${INSTALL_LIB_DIR}/tmp-petsc-shlib; \
	          ${AR} x ${INSTALL_LIB_DIR}/$$LIBNAME.${AR_LIB_SUFFIX}; \
                   cd $$cwd;\
{INSTALL_LIB_DIR}/tmp-petsc-shlib shared_arch; \
	        fi; \
	      fi; \
	    done; \
	    ${RM} -rf ${INSTALL_LIB_DIR}/tmp-petsc-shlib; \

In the debugger, of course, one gets
warning: Could not find object file "/Users/bsmith/Src/petsc-dev-for- 
fixes/shit/lib/tmp-petsc-shlib/bvec2.o" - no debug information  
available for "bvec2.c".

since the .o files are removed the debugger cannot find any debug  

Is this intentional? Seems pretty terrible to give up debugging just  
to use shared libraries.


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