some fixes for AIJ and BAIJ matrices

Satish Balay balay at
Tue Jun 10 13:26:44 CDT 2008


Normally I would say a big change/fix should go into petsc-dev
[currently dev has many fixes that are not in petsc-2.3.3].

However - if you feel strongly that this fix should go into
petsc-2.3.3 - and are able to merge it back to petsc-dev, then I have
no objections..

but you might want to wait for Barry's opinion before doing this.


On Tue, 10 Jun 2008, Lisandro Dalcin wrote:

> Some fixes are needed for BAIJ matrices are:
> (1) MatMPIBAIJSetPreallocationCSR_MPIBAIJ   ->  BROKEN
> (2) MatSeqBAIJSetPreallocationCSR_SeqBAIJ  ->  MISSING
> Regarding (1), the fix needs to call PetscMapSetUp() for setting-up
> the row and column maps (rmap&cmap fields) at the very begining,
> before anything else. If this is not done, the stuff is the row/column
> maps are not properly initialized at the point (1) is called. But
> then, PetscMapSetUp() will be called again as (1) calls
> MatMPIBAIJSetPreallocation_MPIBAIJ with nnz information. However, I
> believe this is not an issue, as the second call will be a no-op (at
> least for optimized builds). Additionally, there is a bug at the point
> MatSetValuesBlocked_MPIBAIJ() is being called, as the block-size is
> not being taking into accout for the 'values' array (when it is
> provided).
> Regarding (2), the issues in (1) for rmap/cmap are the same.
> It is fine to push the fixes in release-2.3.3, particularly regarding
> that (2) could be seen a 'new functionality'? I would prefer to add it
> to release-2.3.3.
> -------------------------
> Finally, for MPIAIJ, something I'm not sure what to do is the following:
> - for MatSeq[B]AIJ one can pass nz=MAT_SKIP_PREALLOCATION
> - for MatMPI[B]AIJ, passing d_nz/o_nz=MAT_SKIP_PREALLOCATION generates
> an error.
> Should MatMPI[B]AIJ support MAT_SKIP_PREALLOCATION for d_nz/o_nz arguments?
> Again, it is fine to push this to release-2.3.3 ?

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