Inner KSP never created on SNES

Matthew Knepley knepley at
Tue Dec 2 08:29:41 CST 2008

I am not against requiring SetFromOptions() to create default objects. We
already require it to set a default type.


On Tue, Dec 2, 2008 at 8:08 AM, Lisandro Dalcin <dalcinl at> wrote:

> I've just noticed that now SNES does not create the inner KSP at the
> time SNESCreate() is called. Then I could easily manage to break
> things (basically, if SNESSetFromOptions() is never called)
> Does it make sense to add:
> if (!snes->ksp) { SNESGetKSP(snes, &snes->ksp);}
> near the begining of SNESSetUp() ??
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