Compiling PETSc with Visual Studio 2008

Farshid Mossaiby mossaiby at
Wed Apr 23 08:38:59 CDT 2008

Dear Satish,

> PETSc configure cannot build it with the option
> --download-mpich=1 [or
> the alternate mpi with --download-lam=1]. If you
> know how to build it
> yourself, and then configure PETSc with it - then
> that should work.
> No one has attempted this on windows yet [as far as
> I know].
> Why would you prefer to build MPICH from sources on
> windows - when the
> binary install is available?

Well, I do not prefer that, I just wanted to know 'why
it is not possible'. And, it was not clear to me that
if I install the binaries, configure can use them. You
might want to add this to your web pages, as well as
possibility of compiling PETSc with Visual Studio 2008
Express Edition.

Best regards,
Farshid Mossaiby

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