Compiling PETSc with Visual Studio 2008

Farshid Mossaiby mossaiby at
Tue Apr 22 06:57:42 CDT 2008

Dear Satish,

First, thanks for your reply.

> Hmm - not sure I understand this - but Cygwin is one
> version of Python
> & GNU utilities compiled for Windows.
> What alternative are you thinking of?

I meant Python for Windows, what I can download from, but as far as I am experiencing, it is
not possible at least in case of Python. On the
machine I am testing on, Python was installed.
Beginning to configure PETSc, I got an error about
os.getuid(). Sorry, I missed the exact error message.
I installed the Python which comes with Cygwin and it
went OK. For other utilities, I was thinking of
Interix (SUA in Windows 2008) for example...

> You can give it a try with the instructions for
> "Using Visual Studio
> 2005" and let us know if you encounter errors.

Well, I have been able to reach second step of
building PETSc ("make all test" currently running).
The only error message I have got till now is:

Warning: win32fe: Path Not Found:

I am not sure what this means... There is no such
path, but why win32fe searches for it? Anything
related to version of Visual Studio?

I will report the results here.

Farshid Mossaiby

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