missing Fortran interfaces

Barry Smith bsmith at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Oct 4 22:03:16 CDT 2007

  I'd like all PETSc functions (those with manual pages) to either 
1) have a Fortran stub (either generated automatically or handwritten) OR
2) have documented in the manual page No Fortran Equivalent.

  We look pretty sorry ass when we are always missing Fortran stubs
that could have been generated automatically or have not been implemented
for no technical reason.

  The (slightly) HARD part. This means we need a python tool that generates a 
list of all manual page functions that DO NOT have fortran stub nor  No Fortran 
Equivalent written in the page. With this we can easily keep up to date
on stubs; without we'll never get our stubs right :-(


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