Python<->C cross-language interoperability

Barry Smith bsmith at
Fri Nov 23 20:41:03 CST 2007

   I have run the example.

   BTW: run with -snes_monitor the nonlinear convergence is terribly  

   BTW: I have added a --download-numpy and --download-petsc4py to  
petsc-dev. Preliminary version
uses the SVN versions. Eventually I'd like it to auto-select the  
correct version.


On Nov 23, 2007, at 2:38 PM, Lisandro Dalcin wrote:

> On 11/23/07, Matthew Knepley <knepley at> wrote:
>> Yes, we should definitely do this. I think I already have the  
>> support for
>> linking to the Python library somewhere.
>>> Perhaps I will also ask in the near future for adding two 'slots' in
>>> the base PetscObject structure for better supporting petsc4py.
>> Yes, this is fine too. We should try and do it before the next  
>> release
>> since it will be a major release.
> Nice, then I'll try to add the needed changes in petsc-dev, and I'll
> will surely need your help for adding support in configure system.
>>> If any of you want to take a look, I have a trivial C SNES example,
>> Cool, where is it?
> Well, all this is in petsc4py SVN repo, the specific example for SNES
> is at this location:
> The C example is 'ex1.c' (note the line calling Py_Initialize() ), the
> equivalent Python example is ''. Both examples calls the methods
> of class 'MyNewton' (implemented in file '').
> The actual SNESPYTHON type is implemented in file 'python.c', but that
> type is actually available through petsc4py, and automatically
> registered at import time.
> To run the example, you have to build petsc4py SVN using petsc-2.3.3
> or petsc-dev (use shared libs), and install petsc4py somewere (and put
> that location on PYTHONPATH). After that, build 'ex1.c' (the
> 'makefile' is using the old bmake paths, fix for the petsc-dev case)
> and run it like the following;
> $ make ex1
> $ ./ex1 -snes_type python -trace
> Your will see in your terminal (because of -trace option, look at
> at MyNewton.setFromOptions() methods) a lot of ouput
> showing the methods and aguments passed during the complete nonlinear
> solve.
> Ask me if you have trouble with something.
> I'll wait for your comments. Please note that all this is very
> preliminar and was develeped in a couple of days, there is room for a
> lot of improvement.
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