change to VecScatterBegin/End

Mark Adams adams at
Fri May 18 08:14:42 CDT 2007

Satish, this is done,

I compiled the library, but did not test it, and did NOT change the  
version number (the current version is already associated with the  
dev version as I recall).


On May 8, 2007, at 11:19 PM, Satish Balay wrote:

> The prototypes for VecScatterBegin() and VecScatterEnd() are now
> changed. This change is made to have these routines consistant with
> PETSc calling convention [i.e the first argument should be the
> appropriate object for that functionality]. i.e:
> PetscErrorCode VecScatterBegin 
> (Vec,Vec,InsertMode,ScatterMode,VecScatter);
> to
> PetscErrorCode VecScatterBegin 
> (VecScatter,Vec,Vec,InsertMode,ScatterMode);
> Satish

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