petsc-dev directory structure questions

Satish Balay balay at
Fri Dec 14 11:25:44 CST 2007

I guess my thoughts in the previous e-mail were all over the place -
so here is an attempt to get something consistant out.


2) putting the ons of sample files for different systems
into a subdirectory called samples

A much more descriptive name for the 'config' directory would be
something like 'BuildScripts'.

* I'm on Richard's side. I believe all the build scripts in 'config'
should be placed in other location, let say 'maint/BuildScripts/'.


One issue here is - when you refer to scripts in config - are you
refering to things like just '' or both &

** In the current design _both_ scripts are equivalent [wrt user
invocation]. Hence in the same location. **

So the current porposal of PETSC_DIR/BuildScripts & PETSC_DIR/config
is _exaclty_ the same organization as what we had before [with
PETSC_DIR/config & PETSC_DIR/python], with dirs being renamed.
PETSC_DIR/python could have aswell be moved to PETSC_DIR/src/foobar
[and it would still be consistant to me].

Issue: Woud user now invoke ./BuildScripts/

However if the intent is to splitup &, the
organization avaliable is: PETSC_DIR/, PETSC_DIR/config,
and PETSC_DIR/BuildScripts.

With the above two options , Barrys primary concern with eliminating
one of 'conf' and 'config' is not resolved. [only better renaming is
done, with a cost of different ueser interface with ./ and

Now move PETSC_DIR/config to PETSC_DIR/src/config-foobar. This removes
one dir from PETSC_DIR [however BuildScripts & conf,
still remain]

Also move PETSC_DIR/BuildScripts to PETSC_DIR/maint/BuildScripts.
However with this approach [as we don't distribute 'maint' to users,
this would be loss in usr functionality.

We are attempting all of this reorganization just because the name
'conf' is too close to 'config'. [And I fear we might break more than
what we are fixing]


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