petsc-dev directory structure questions

Satish Balay balay at
Fri Dec 14 09:44:24 CST 2007

Any mail with 'config' in the begining of a line is interpreted by
majordomo as 'admin' commands. Such mails are getting blocked. I'm
reformatting the text and resending this e-mail to see if it will


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  Isn't everything currently in the 'config' directory a build script of some 
  sort?  There are two sorts of scripts: example $ scripts and then 
  the general-purpose stuff like and the stuff in the config/PETSc 
  directory.  But broadly speaking (though perhaps it's a bit of a stretch for 
  config/PETSc) this stuff is all scripts for builds.  So why not just change 
  the name of 'config' to something more descriptive?


Lisandro Dalcin wrote:
> * I'm on Richard's side. I believe all the build scripts in 'config'
> should be placed in other location, let say 'maint/BuildScripts/'.
> * I'm also on Barry's side. Code for configuration should not go
> inside 'src/'. All this should go inside 'config/'
> * And Satish suggestion make a lot of sense. Perhaps the
> '' could even be renamed to 'configure', but perhaps this
> can cause trouble in some OS's.
> The problem with 'conf' being similar to 'config' remains.

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