multiple definition of `PETSC_ZOPEFD'

Brian Cordonnier bcordonn at
Thu Aug 9 23:21:50 CDT 2007

Sorry I didn't catch this earlier, but I think its the mprint.c location 
that should be deleted.  I will fix this first thing in the morning, I 
can't do it from my current computer.  There is no link to the zope 
stuff yet, but in a nutshell it pipes and organizes all the output to a 
webpage.  You can also save the output to look at later, and can start 
new PETSc programs.  I will work on getting some documentation for it.


Lisandro Dalcin wrote:
> Can someone decide where to define PETSC_ZOPEFD? I would change it,
> but not shure what is better.
> BTW, can someone point me a link or something to all this new Zope stuff?
> making shared libraries in /u/dalcinl/Devel/PETSc/petsc-dev-gmresr/linux-gnu/lib
> building
> mprint.o: In function `PetscFormatConvert':
> /u/dalcinl/Devel/PETSc/petsc-dev-gmresr/src/sys/fileio/mprint.c:30:
> multiple definition of `PETSC_ZOPEFD'
> init.o:/u/dalcinl/Devel/PETSc/petsc-dev-gmresr/src/sys/objects/init.c:70:
> first defined here
> Regards,

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