Adding Harwell-Boeing support in PETSc?

Barry Smith bsmith at
Tue Apr 5 14:07:33 CDT 2005


   You could certainly write a "converter" in Fortran if that is easier that
then just does the usual MatView() to save it in PETSc binary format for later
loading by a PETSc solver code like src/ksp/examples/tutorials. If you do
we could add it to src/mat/examples/tests


Writing a parallel loader just seems like a huge waste of time, over just 
reading the ascii in sequentially and then saving as a Petsc matrix for later 
reading in in parallel.

On Tue, 5 Apr 2005, Richard Tran Mills wrote:

> Barry Smith wrote:
> >   My understanding is that MatrixMarket format is different from
> > Harwell-Boeing? 
> Yes, they are different.  MatrixMarket format is a coordinate format that is
> considerably easier to parse than Harwell-Boeing, which was really designed
> with Fortran in mind.  The matrices available at Matrix Market are usually
> available in both formats.
> >   I could not find a Harwell-Boeing loader in src/mat/examples/tests
> > (though there is a writer). Does anyone have C (PETSc?) code to read
> > in Harwell-Boeing? If so we could merge it into the MatrixMarket (coordiate
> > storage) reader code and then (with a command line switch) read in either
> > format and dump in PETSc format?
> There are some freely distributable and modifiable C routines for working with
> HB files available at
> Incorporating some of these routines into a PETSc viewer seems like the best
> bet.  I don't know of anything else in C.  I have usually used Saad's SPARSKIT
> Fortran routines for working with Harwell-Boeing matrices.
> Cheers,
> Richard

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