Adding Harwell-Boeing support in PETSc?

Barry Smith bsmith at
Tue Apr 5 13:38:34 CDT 2005

  My understanding is that MatrixMarket format is different from 

  I could not find a Harwell-Boeing loader in src/mat/examples/tests
(though there is a writer). Does anyone have C (PETSc?) code to read
in Harwell-Boeing? If so we could merge it into the MatrixMarket 
(coordiate storage) reader code and then (with a command line switch) read in 
either format and dump in PETSc format?


On Tue, 5 Apr 2005, Victor Eijkhout wrote:

> At 10:32 AM -0500 4/5/05, Hong Zhang wrote:
> > We have code that read MatrixMarket format, and write
> > into a petsc binary file. Then you can use petsc MatLoad()
> > for viewing or computation.
> I'm interested in this too. I wrote my own version. Maybe a good idea to add
> this to the petsc distribution?

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