Having problem building pnetcdf-1.1.1

Craig Tierney Craig.Tierney at noaa.gov
Thu Jul 1 16:20:22 CDT 2010

I am trying to build parallel-netcdf 1.1.1 with mvapich2-1.4.1 and Intel 11.1 compilers.
The build is failing when the tools, like cnmpigen, fail with errors similar to:

/opt/mvapich2/1.4.1-intel-11.1/lib/libmpich.a(parser.o): In function `mvapich_yylex':
/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/mvapich/mvapich2-1.4.1/src/mpid/ch3/channels/mrail/src/plpa/parser.c:570: multiple definition of `yyin'

I configured pnetcdf as:

export MPICC=mpicc
export MPIF77=mpif77
export CFLAGS="-O -fp-model strict"
export CC=icc
export FC=ifort
export F90=ifort
export CXX=icc
export LDFLAGS="-L/usr/lib64"
./configure --prefix=/opt/pnetcdf/1.1.1-intel --enable-fortran

The full build is below.  I didn't find anything obvious here or from google.


make[1]: Entering directory `/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/pnetcdf/parallel-netcdf-1.1.1'

Making `all' in directory /home/admin/hjet/software/opt/pnetcdf/parallel-netcdf-1.1.1/src

make[2]: Entering directory `/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/pnetcdf/parallel-netcdf-1.1.1/src'
cd lib && make
make[3]: Entering directory `/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/pnetcdf/parallel-netcdf-1.1.1/src/lib'
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I.    mpinetcdf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I.    header.c
header.c(413): warning #191: type qualifier is meaningless on cast type
          const MPI_Offset dim_id  = (const MPI_Offset) varp->dimids[i];

mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I.    mpincio.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I.    attr.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I.    dim.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I.    error.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I.    nc.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I.    ncx.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I.    string.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I.    var.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I.    ncmpidtype.c
ar cru libpnetcdf.a mpinetcdf.o header.o mpincio.o attr.o dim.o error.o nc.o ncx.o string.o var.o ncmpidtype.o
ranlib libpnetcdf.a
m4 -B10000 -DAPI=C ../../man/netcdf.m4 >pnetcdf.3  || rm pnetcdf.3
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I.    validator.c
mpicc -o ncvalid -O -fp-model strict -L/usr/lib64 validator.o header.o mpincio.o attr.o dim.o nc.o ncx.o string.o error.o var.o -L/usr/lib64 
make[3]: Leaving directory `/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/pnetcdf/parallel-netcdf-1.1.1/src/lib'
if [ yes = yes ] ; then cd libf && make ; fi
make[3]: Entering directory `/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/pnetcdf/parallel-netcdf-1.1.1/src/libf'
make[3]: Warning: File `../lib/libpnetcdf.a' has modification time 11 s in the future
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   abortf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   begin_indep_dataf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   closef.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   copy_attf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   createf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   def_dimf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   def_varf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   del_attf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   enddeff.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   end_indep_dataf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_att_doublef.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_att_realf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_att_intf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_att_int1f.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_att_int2f.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_att_textf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_var1_doublef.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_var1f.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_var1_realf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_var1_intf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_var1_int2f.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_var1_textf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_vara_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_vara_double_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_vara_doublef.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_varaf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_vara_real_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_vara_realf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_vara_int_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_vara_intf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_var_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_vara_int2_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_vara_int2f.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_vara_text_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_vara_textf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_var_double_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_var_doublef.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_varf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_var_real_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_var_realf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_var_int_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_var_intf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_vars_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_vars_double_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_vars_doublef.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_varsf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_vars_real_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_vars_realf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_var_int2_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_var_int2f.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_vars_int_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_vars_intf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_vars_int2_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_vars_int2f.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_vars_text_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_vars_textf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_var_text_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_var_textf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   inq_attf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   inq_attidf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   inq_attlenf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   inq_attnamef.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   inq_atttypef.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   inq_dimf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   inq_dimidf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   inq_dimlenf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   inq_dimnamef.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   inqf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   inq_nattsf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   inq_ndimsf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   inq_nvarsf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   inq_unlimdimf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   inq_vardimidf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   inq_varf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   inq_varidf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   inq_varnamef.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   inq_varnattsf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   inq_varndimsf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   inq_vartypef.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   openf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_att_doublef.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_att_realf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_att_intf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_att_int1f.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_att_int2f.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_att_textf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_var1_doublef.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_var1f.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_var1_realf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_var1_intf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_var1_int2f.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_var1_textf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_vara_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_vara_double_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_vara_doublef.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_varaf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_vara_real_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_vara_realf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_vara_int_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_vara_intf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_vara_int2_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_vara_int2f.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_vara_text_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_vara_textf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_var_doublef.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_varf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_var_realf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_var_intf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_vars_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_vars_double_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_vars_doublef.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_varsf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_vars_real_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_vars_realf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_var_int2f.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_vars_int_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_vars_intf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_vars_int2_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_vars_int2f.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_vars_text_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_vars_textf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_var_textf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   redeff.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   rename_attf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   rename_dimf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   rename_varf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   syncf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   nfxutil.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   xstrerrorf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   xinq_libversf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_var1_int1f.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_var_int1_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_var_int1f.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_vara_int1_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_vara_int1f.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_vars_int1_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_vars_int1f.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_var1_int1f.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_var_int1f.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_vara_int1_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_vara_int1f.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_vars_int1_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_vars_int1f.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_varm_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_varm_double_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_varm_doublef.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_varmf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_varm_int1_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_varm_int1f.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_varm_int2_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_varm_int2f.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_varm_int_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_varm_intf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_varm_real_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_varm_realf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_varm_text_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_varm_textf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_varm_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_varm_double_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_varm_doublef.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_varmf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_varm_int1_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_varm_int1f.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_varm_int2_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_varm_int2f.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_varm_int_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_varm_intf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_varm_real_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_varm_realf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_varm_text_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   put_varm_textf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   set_fillf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   set_default_formatf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   issyserrf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   get_file_infof.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   deletef.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   iput_vara_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   iget_vara_allf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   waitallf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   waitf.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I. -I./../lib -I../lib   mvar.c
mpif77 -c  strerrorf.f
mpif77 -c  inq_libversf.f
ar cru ../lib/libpnetcdf.a abortf.o begin_indep_dataf.o closef.o copy_attf.o createf.o def_dimf.o def_varf.o del_attf.o enddeff.o end_indep_dataf.o get_att_doublef.o get_at
t_realf.o get_att_intf.o get_att_int1f.o get_att_int2f.o get_att_textf.o get_var1_doublef.o get_var1f.o get_var1_realf.o get_var1_intf.o get_var1_int2f.o get_var1_textf.o g
et_vara_allf.o get_vara_double_allf.o get_vara_doublef.o get_varaf.o get_vara_real_allf.o get_vara_realf.o get_vara_int_allf.o get_vara_intf.o get_var_allf.o get_vara_int2_
allf.o get_vara_int2f.o get_vara_text_allf.o get_vara_textf.o get_var_double_allf.o get_var_doublef.o get_varf.o get_var_real_allf.o get_var_realf.o get_var_int_allf.o get_
var_intf.o get_vars_allf.o get_vars_double_allf.o get_vars_doublef.o get_varsf.o get_vars_real_allf.o get_vars_realf.o get_var_int2_allf.o get_var_int2f.o get_vars_int_allf
.o get_vars_intf.o get_vars_int2_allf.o get_vars_int2f.o get_vars_text_allf.o get_vars_textf.o get_var_text_allf.o get_var_textf.o inq_attf.o inq_attidf.o inq_attlenf.o inq
_attnamef.o inq_atttypef.o inq_dimf.o inq_dimidf.o inq_dimlenf.o inq_dimnamef.o inqf.o inq_nattsf.o inq_ndimsf.o inq_nvarsf.o inq_unlimdimf.o inq_vardimidf.o inq_varf.o inq
_varidf.o inq_varnamef.o inq_varnattsf.o inq_varndimsf.o inq_vartypef.o openf.o put_att_doublef.o put_att_realf.o put_att_intf.o put_att_int1f.o put_att_int2f.o put_att_tex
tf.o put_var1_doublef.o put_var1f.o put_var1_realf.o put_var1_intf.o put_var1_int2f.o put_var1_textf.o put_vara_allf.o put_vara_double_allf.o put_vara_doublef.o put_varaf.o
 put_vara_real_allf.o put_vara_realf.o put_vara_int_allf.o put_vara_intf.o put_vara_int2_allf.o put_vara_int2f.o put_vara_text_allf.o put_vara_textf.o put_var_doublef.o put
_varf.o put_var_realf.o put_var_intf.o put_vars_allf.o put_vars_double_allf.o put_vars_doublef.o put_varsf.o put_vars_real_allf.o put_vars_realf.o put_var_int2f.o put_vars_
int_allf.o put_vars_intf.o put_vars_int2_allf.o put_vars_int2f.o put_vars_text_allf.o put_vars_textf.o put_var_textf.o redeff.o rename_attf.o rename_dimf.o rename_varf.o sy
ncf.o nfxutil.o xstrerrorf.o xinq_libversf.o get_var1_int1f.o get_var_int1_allf.o get_var_int1f.o get_vara_int1_allf.o get_vara_int1f.o get_vars_int1_allf.o get_vars_int1f.
o put_var1_int1f.o put_var_int1f.o put_vara_int1_allf.o put_vara_int1f.o put_vars_int1_allf.o put_vars_int1f.o get_varm_allf.o get_varm_double_allf.o get_varm_doublef.o get
_varmf.o get_varm_int1_allf.o get_varm_int1f.o get_varm_int2_allf.o get_varm_int2f.o get_varm_int_allf.o get_varm_intf.o get_varm_real_allf.o get_varm_realf.o get_varm_text
_allf.o get_varm_textf.o put_varm_allf.o put_varm_double_allf.o put_varm_doublef.o put_varmf.o put_varm_int1_allf.o put_varm_int1f.o put_varm_int2_allf.o put_varm_int2f.o p
ut_varm_int_allf.o put_varm_intf.o put_varm_real_allf.o put_varm_realf.o put_varm_text_allf.o put_varm_textf.o set_fillf.o set_default_formatf.o issyserrf.o get_file_infof.
o deletef.o iput_vara_allf.o iget_vara_allf.o waitallf.o waitf.o mvar.o strerrorf.o inq_libversf.o
ranlib ../lib/libpnetcdf.a
make[3]: warning:  Clock skew detected.  Your build may be incomplete.
make[3]: Leaving directory `/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/pnetcdf/parallel-netcdf-1.1.1/src/libf'
cd utils && make
make[3]: Entering directory `/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/pnetcdf/parallel-netcdf-1.1.1/src/utils'
cd ncgen && make
make[4]: Entering directory `/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/pnetcdf/parallel-netcdf-1.1.1/src/utils/ncgen'
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I./../../../src/lib -I. -I. -I../../lib   main.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I./../../../src/lib -I. -I. -I../../lib   load.c
bison -y -d ./ncgen.y; \
	mv y.tab.c ncgentab.c; \
	mv y.tab.h ncgentab.h
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I./../../../src/lib -I. -I. -I../../lib   ncgentab.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I./../../../src/lib -I. -I. -I../../lib   escapes.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I./../../../src/lib -I. -I. -I../../lib   getfill.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I./../../../src/lib -I. -I. -I../../lib   init.c
mpicc -c -O -fp-model strict -I./../../../src/lib -I. -I. -I../../lib   genlib.c
make[4]: Warning: File `../../../src/lib/libpnetcdf.a' has modification time 9.4 s in the future
mpicc -o ncmpigen -O -fp-model strict -L/usr/lib64 main.o load.o ncgentab.o escapes.o getfill.o init.o genlib.o -L../../../src/lib -lpnetcdf -L/usr/lib64  
/opt/mvapich2/1.4.1-intel-11.1/lib/libmpich.a(parser.o): In function `mvapich_yylex':
/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/mvapich/mvapich2-1.4.1/src/mpid/ch3/channels/mrail/src/plpa/parser.c:570: multiple definition of `yyin'
ncgentab.o:/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/pnetcdf/parallel-netcdf-1.1.1/src/utils/ncgen/./ncgen.y:266: first defined here
/opt/mvapich2/1.4.1-intel-11.1/lib/libmpich.a(parser.o): In function `mvapich_yylex':
/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/mvapich/mvapich2-1.4.1/src/mpid/ch3/channels/mrail/src/plpa/parser.c:578: multiple definition of `yyout'
ncgentab.o:/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/pnetcdf/parallel-netcdf-1.1.1/src/utils/ncgen/./ncgen.y:267: first defined here
/opt/mvapich2/1.4.1-intel-11.1/lib/libmpich.a(parser.o): In function `yyrestart':
/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/mvapich/mvapich2-1.4.1/src/mpid/ch3/channels/mrail/src/plpa/parser.c:1148: multiple definition of `yyrestart'
ncgentab.o:/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/pnetcdf/parallel-netcdf-1.1.1/src/utils/ncgen/lex.yy.c:1576: first defined here
/opt/mvapich2/1.4.1-intel-11.1/lib/libmpich.a(parser.o): In function `yy_switch_to_buffer':
/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/mvapich/mvapich2-1.4.1/src/mpid/ch3/channels/mrail/src/plpa/parser.c:1163: multiple definition of `yy_switch_to_buffer'
ncgentab.o:/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/pnetcdf/parallel-netcdf-1.1.1/src/utils/ncgen/lex.yy.c:1591: first defined here
/opt/mvapich2/1.4.1-intel-11.1/lib/libmpich.a(parser.o): In function `yy_load_buffer_state':
/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/mvapich/mvapich2-1.4.1/src/mpid/ch3/channels/mrail/src/plpa/parser.c:1192: multiple definition of `yy_load_buffer_state'
ncgentab.o:/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/pnetcdf/parallel-netcdf-1.1.1/src/utils/ncgen/lex.yy.c:1620: first defined here
/opt/mvapich2/1.4.1-intel-11.1/lib/libmpich.a(parser.o): In function `yy_create_buffer':
/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/mvapich/mvapich2-1.4.1/src/mpid/ch3/channels/mrail/src/plpa/parser.c:1207: multiple definition of `yy_create_buffer'
ncgentab.o:/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/pnetcdf/parallel-netcdf-1.1.1/src/utils/ncgen/lex.yy.c:1635: first defined here
/opt/mvapich2/1.4.1-intel-11.1/lib/libmpich.a(parser.o): In function `yy_delete_buffer':
/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/mvapich/mvapich2-1.4.1/src/mpid/ch3/channels/mrail/src/plpa/parser.c:1237: multiple definition of `yy_delete_buffer'
ncgentab.o:/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/pnetcdf/parallel-netcdf-1.1.1/src/utils/ncgen/lex.yy.c:1665: first defined here
/opt/mvapich2/1.4.1-intel-11.1/lib/libmpich.a(parser.o): In function `yy_flush_buffer':
/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/mvapich/mvapich2-1.4.1/src/mpid/ch3/channels/mrail/src/plpa/parser.c:1286: multiple definition of `yy_flush_buffer'
ncgentab.o:/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/pnetcdf/parallel-netcdf-1.1.1/src/utils/ncgen/lex.yy.c:1714: first defined here
/opt/mvapich2/1.4.1-intel-11.1/lib/libmpich.a(parser.o): In function `yy_scan_buffer':
/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/mvapich/mvapich2-1.4.1/src/mpid/ch3/channels/mrail/src/plpa/parser.c:1317: multiple definition of `yy_scan_buffer'
ncgentab.o:/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/pnetcdf/parallel-netcdf-1.1.1/src/utils/ncgen/lex.yy.c:1745: first defined here
/opt/mvapich2/1.4.1-intel-11.1/lib/libmpich.a(parser.o): In function `yy_scan_string':
/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/mvapich/mvapich2-1.4.1/src/mpid/ch3/channels/mrail/src/plpa/parser.c:1354: multiple definition of `yy_scan_string'
ncgentab.o:/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/pnetcdf/parallel-netcdf-1.1.1/src/utils/ncgen/lex.yy.c:1782: first defined here
ld: Warning: size of symbol `yy_scan_string' changed from 624 in ncgentab.o to 640 in /opt/mvapich2/1.4.1-intel-11.1/lib/libmpich.a(parser.o)
/opt/mvapich2/1.4.1-intel-11.1/lib/libmpich.a(parser.o): In function `yy_scan_bytes':
/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/mvapich/mvapich2-1.4.1/src/mpid/ch3/channels/mrail/src/plpa/parser.c:1372: multiple definition of `yy_scan_bytes'
ncgentab.o:/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/pnetcdf/parallel-netcdf-1.1.1/src/utils/ncgen/lex.yy.c:1800: first defined here
ld: Warning: size of symbol `yy_scan_bytes' changed from 608 in ncgentab.o to 624 in /opt/mvapich2/1.4.1-intel-11.1/lib/libmpich.a(parser.o)
/opt/mvapich2/1.4.1-intel-11.1/lib/libmpich.a(parser.o): In function `yy_init_buffer':
/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/mvapich/mvapich2-1.4.1/src/mpid/ch3/channels/mrail/src/plpa/parser.c:1261: multiple definition of `yy_init_buffer'
ncgentab.o:/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/pnetcdf/parallel-netcdf-1.1.1/src/utils/ncgen/lex.yy.c:1689: first defined here
make[4]: *** [ncmpigen] Error 1
make[4]: Leaving directory `/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/pnetcdf/parallel-netcdf-1.1.1/src/utils/ncgen'
make[3]: *** [ncmpigen] Error 2
make[3]: Leaving directory `/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/pnetcdf/parallel-netcdf-1.1.1/src/utils'
make[2]: *** [all] Error 2
make[2]: Leaving directory `/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/pnetcdf/parallel-netcdf-1.1.1/src'
make[1]: *** [subdir_target] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/misc/whome/admin/hjet/software/opt/pnetcdf/parallel-netcdf-1.1.1'
make: *** [src/lib/all] Error 2

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