[mpich-discuss] Issues on building NPB3.3-MPI with MPICH2-2.1.4

clara clarazhang at gmail.com
Sat Jul 21 04:27:52 CDT 2012


We attempted to collect performance results of NPB3.3-MPI on 32- and
64-bLinux+MPICH2-2.1.4. However, we could not build the following benchmark
programs successfully:
1) FTwith CLASS=C and NPROCS=1 or 2, MG with CLASS=C and NPROCS=1 or 2 on
32- and 64-bit system,
2) IS with CLASS=C and NPROCS=1 on 64-bit system.
Attached please find the error messages output when building. Can anyone
tell us whether the above issues are normal or not? If not, how can we
avoiding building errors? Thanks a lot.

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