[mpich-discuss] Master/Slave MPI implementation Questions

Sarika K sarikauniv at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 11:28:58 CDT 2012

Dear MPICH discussion group:

I am running a parallel code with mpich2-1.4.1p1 that uses Master/Slave MPI
implementation and was originally set up for a cluster of single core nodes
controlled by a head node.

The code also works well with a single node multiple cores set up.

Now I am testing this code on multiple nodes each with multiple cores. The
nodes are set up for password less login via ssh. The run hangs sometimes
and takes longer to complete. (The run with single node 12 cores is faster
than the corresponding run using  2 nodes each with 12 cores (total 24)).

I am trying to resolve this issue and wondering if you have any feedback on:
1. Does Master/Slave MPI implementation need any specific settings to work
across multiple node/multiple core machine set up?
2. Is there any way to explicitly specify a core as a master with mpich2
and exclude it from computations?

I would greatly appreciate any other pointers/suggestions to fix this issue.

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