[mpich-discuss] using MPI with OpenMP

Reuti reuti at Staff.Uni-Marburg.DE
Thu Jul 5 04:57:13 CDT 2012


Am 05.07.2012 um 11:16 schrieb toufik hadjazi:

> i want to build an MPI application which uses threads, when i was looking for the compatible library to do that; i found that OpenMP provides the best performances. So, i documented about it. but when i came to implementation i didn't know how to accomplish what i want. 
> My application is supposed (for now) to have three threads running in the same time: the 1st for split order, the 2nd for insertion and the 3rd for updates. when the 1st one has the most raised priority

Who or what is raising the priotity?

> and when it runs others have to be suspended, and when one of them ends, others terminates too.
> does anybody know how implement this?

This sound like it's more a question for the OpenMP forum:


You mean something like master-slave in OpenMP?


-- Reuti

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