[mpich-discuss] Is MPI thread-safe?

Matthieu Dorier matthieu.dorier at irisa.fr
Tue Aug 7 13:55:01 CDT 2012


I'd like to know if MPI (an more particularly Mpich2) is thread safe. What I mean by that is: if I use MPI_Comm_dup to create a copy of MPI_COMM_WORLD, and from each MPI process, I start 2 threads, one communicating through the original communicator and the second communicating through the copy, will it work fine or will possibly a thread of the second group accidentally receive messages from the first group? 

(So far my only experience of hybrid MPI/thread programming was in a case where communication was done after the threads join, not by multiple threads). 


Matthieu Dorier 
PhD student at ENS Cachan Brittany and IRISA 
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