[mpich-discuss] how to pass command line parameters of application executable

Dingjun Chen Dingjun.Chen at cmgl.ca
Thu Aug 2 17:23:59 CDT 2012


Hi, ALL, 


Could someone tell me how to handle the command line parameter of
application executable in case of launching an executable application
with MPIEXEC? 


For example: 


Imex.exe is originally an OpenMP hybrid parallel application executable.
Before I introduce MPI to implement the hybrid MPI/OpenMP application,
it is run like that: 


Imex.exe    -f cputest_rb_samg_best_the1stFAST2.dat   -log  -fgmres


But right now, I need to launch it with MPIEXEC. For example, I am using
Intel MPI and  plan to run it on two host nodes: 'Dingjunc' and
'Sim-west'. I need to enter as follow: 


mpiexec -hosts 2 dingjunc 2 sim-west 2 imex.exe 


How can I pass the  following parameters into imex.exe? 

 -f cputest_rb_samg_best_the1stFAST2.dat   -log  -fgmres


Imex.exe cannot run well without above parameters. 


I look forward to your points. 


Thanks indeed in advance. 


Dingjun Chen


P.S.  above mpiexec.exe is from the Intel MPI library. But Intel gets
the MPI source codes from you, ANL laboratory and there should not be a
big difference from the mpiexec.exe  in MPICH2 in usage., I guess. 






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