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Chris Wilde Chris.Wilde at telventdtn.com
Thu Aug 2 12:21:17 CDT 2012

How do I fix this error :


*** Test F77 program with the MPI collective/datatype checking library
... No.

    The failed command is :

/meteorlogix/build/bin/mpiexec -n 4 wrong_reals

Starting MPI Collective and Datatype Checking!

Backtrace of the callstack at rank 3:

        At [0]: wrong_reals(CollChk_err_han+0x13c)[0x409b18]

        At [1]: wrong_reals(CollChk_dtype_scatter+0x148)[0x40b239]

        At [2]: wrong_reals(CollChk_dtype_bcast+0x51)[0x40b0ef]

        At [3]: wrong_reals(MPI_Bcast+0x73)[0x409523]

        At [4]: wrong_reals(mpi_bcast_+0x48)[0x40879b]

        At [5]: wrong_reals(MAIN__+0x12b)[0x4052a3]

        At [6]: wrong_reals(main+0xe)[0x40d1ae]

        At [7]: /lib64/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main+0xf4)[0x347941d994]

        At [8]: wrong_reals[0x4050c9]

Fatal error in MPI_Comm_call_errhandler: 


Collective Checking: BCAST (Rank 3) --> Inconsistent datatype signatures
detected between rank 3 and rank 0.


I am working on RHEL 5.6 x86_64.  I have compiled and installed gcc
4.7.1 (because I needed to build gcc with special options so I could
build wrf).  


I am an admin and not a programmer, so any help would be appreciated.



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