[mpich-discuss] Question on ch3:sock option for MPICH2 on Windows platform

Eric Hui Eric.Hui at ggy.com
Thu Oct 27 13:06:49 CDT 2011

Hi Jayesh,

Pavan has previously suggested me to use the "with-device=ch3:sock" option to configure MPICH2 so that the MPI_Probe function can sleep and not tie up the CPU core by polling for message.  I am on the Windows platform and tried to read through all the documentation, but can't seem to find how this configuration can be done.  Can you give me some instructions on how to setup the environment to use this option?

Do I need to rebuild the entire MPI library myself or there is some setting / parameter that I can change?

What I have tried so far is to use the following:

smpd -set intermode_channel sock

However, my MPI program is still using the entire CPU core in the MPI_Probe call.

Here are the links for my original discussion with Pavan for your reference:

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Eric Hui

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