[mpich-discuss] linux shell calls and mpi

Nicolas Rosner nrosner at gmail.com
Thu Oct 13 22:51:03 CDT 2011

Hi Charles,

This sounds likely more closely related to { C issues, environment
issues, batch job mgr if any } than to anything MPICH2-specific per

Do you want a systematic rule, e.g. after anything you mpiexec? (I
mean, since you say "nodes", not "ranks", etc.) Or is this the final
step of a particular MPI C program?

If the former: I suggest finding a suitable way of installing the hook
within the scripting world (don't invoke python from your C prog if
you have no real reason to do so).

If the latter, i.e. you do have a reason, I'd suggest you
  - ensure you have python installed on/accessible from all nodes
  - try with all paths absolute e.g. "/usr/bin/python /home/myuser/foo.py"
  - try with "/usr/bin/env python"
  - read man 3 system and/or google fork/exec
  - check your env vars under bare-bones sh
  - find out what's triggering that sudo attempt

hth! N.

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