[mpich-discuss] mpiexec and -n option

Jain, Rohit Rohit_Jain at mentor.com
Mon Aug 15 16:25:50 CDT 2011

Thanks Pavan. It seems that our grid environment is passing a host list to the jobs.


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On 08/15/2011 02:46 PM, Jain, Rohit wrote:
> How is default value determined?
> I am running my application in 2 different environment: shell and grid.
> It is working fine in shell, but taking default value of 4 in grid.

Someone is passing a list of hosts to Hydra. It is either you directly 
(though the HYDRA_HOST_FILE environment) or you are running it under a 
resource manager which Hydra detected and is querying it for the 
allocated resources.

Pavan Balaji

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