[mpich-discuss] mpe2

michael bane michael.bane at manchester.ac.uk
Tue Oct 26 08:01:26 CDT 2010

On 25 Oct 2010, at 22:00, chan at mcs.anl.gov wrote:

> AFAIK, GNU's java VM isn't compatible with complicated java GUI code,
> so you need either SUN's, IBM's or OpenJDK java implementation
> to run jumpshot.
> A.Chan

Yes, upgrading to Sun's v1.6 has it (v1.1.1 at mo) working nicely.  
I'll try the v1.3.0 later...

Whilst we're all here, may I also ask about F90 support? To date I've  
had success with f77 by following these steps:
	• include 'mpif.h'
	• rename/sym-link as .f (not .f90)
	• compile and link: mpif77 -I/home/mccssmb2/local/mpe2/include -c - 
free pi.f mpefc -mpilog -o pi.exe pi.o -lm
	• run as usual, eg mpirun -np 3 ./pi.exe
	• convert from clog to slog2: clog2TOslog2 Unknown.clog2
	• view using jumpshot-4: jumpshot Unknown.slog2

but I recall some block for (proper!) F90. Anybody care to let me know  
the current score?

Thanks, Michael

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