[mpich-discuss] can't boot all once

雷 周 acleverboooy at yahoo.com.cn
Sat Oct 2 20:09:02 CDT 2010

I installed lammps at my cluster(using Rocks Cluster).And I also intalled MPICH2,I use NFS to share the files of lammps and MPICH2 at /share/apps.
I can't use "mpdboot -n X -f mpd.hosts" to boot MPI;the error is:
[lammps at lammps ~]$ mpdboot -n X -f mpd.hosts
mpdboot_lammps.hpc.org (handle_mpd_output 415): failed to connect to mpd on lammps
but I can use:
mpd &
mpdtrace -l(at the frontend)
mpd -h lammps.hpc.org -p XXXX & (at the compute nodes)
to boot MPI,why?How can I solve this problem?
Thank you!

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