[mpich-discuss] running error on windows

Jayesh Krishna jayesh at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Oct 26 13:02:57 CDT 2009

 I am able to run the commands on a windows machine (without hyper-v).
 Which version of MPICH2 are you using ? Make sure that you use the latest stable version (1.2) - available at http://www.mcs.anl.gov/research/projects/mpich2/downloads/index.php?s=downloads- of MPICH2.
 Are you able to launch jobs without specifying the smpd port (let smpd/mpiexec use the default port)?

(PS: When providing us the error message please copy-paste the command/error mesg instead of retyping the message - this will give us more information regarding your setup.)

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Hi, all 

I am trying to run the mpich2 on windows x64 platform (I am running a window virtual machine hyper-v). I run the “smpd –p 22331 –d” first to start the smpd daemon, and then run the “mpiexec –hosts 1 –p 22331 hostname”; 

However I got the below error message : Error associating sock with IO Completion port, The parameter is incorrect. (87) 

Any clue about the cause of this error? 


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