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Our IT staff is not particularly knowledgeable about parallel computing. Their current upgrade plan centers around quad/quad or dual/hex boxes which would have 16 or 12 cores respectively. I have no doubt that such a machine would run a parallel job efficiently. My question is how well can I harness multiple boxes together?

The applications are all CFD (FLUENT, GASP, STAR, VULCAN). I am talking to the various software vendors about this but would like some info from the programming community.

Assuming the same memory per core am I better off with

High core count (12-16) boxes on a gigabit switch
Lower core count (2 -4) boxes on an infiniband switch.

I understand that if I configure mpich correctly it will use shared memory on the mutli-core multi-processor boxes. If I end up with the high core count boxes, should I spec the frontside bus (or whatever it is called now) as high as possible??

I also have concerns that a single power supply failure takes out more cores, though perhaps that is not such a problem

Any information is greatly appreciated

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