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 MPE on fortran is not currently supported for windows. We are currently
working on it and the feature will be available in the next release (This
should be implemented in a couple of weeks - so any releases after that
should have this feature).


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I installed MPICH2 on my PC which its OS is windows XP. In its installed
directory inside include folder there are header files for FORTRAN and C
separately but in lib folder only one mpe.lib file exist. In C project by
including mpe.h and linking mpe.lib library I can use mpe routines. But in
FORTRAN project (e.g. its simple example fpilog.f) mpe routines cause
unresolved external symbols error. MPE's manual has explanation that it
has a wrapper for FORTRAN that its name is -mpefc in LINUX but did not
said any thing about windows.

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